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1. Proper pricing of your property:  Pricing your home too low will often result in you getting less for your home.  Pricing your home too high will often mean your property staying on the market too long and buyers wondering what is wrong with your property.  Ultimately either method will result in a lower sales price for your home.  Your Hawkins Group specialist will show you how to set your asking price to get top dollar for your property!

2. Getting your property ready to show:  The way you present your property to prospective buyers can make all the difference between success and failure. Buyers tend to judge homes by cost and “move-in” quality - the less they have to do to move in, the better and the more they may be willing to pay. Your Hawkins Group professional can help you see your home through a buyer’s eyes and suggest simple repairs and improvements to maximize space and attract as many buyers as possible.

3. To maximize your property’s exposure in the marketplace: Exit Elite Realty home sales specialists like the Hawkins Group have access to state-of-the-art technology tools to share referrals across a global network. Plus, Your Exit Elite Realty agents at the Hawkins Group will spend time behind the scenes helping you target the most serious buyers in the marketplace and thus ultimately get you Top Dollar for your property!

4. Buyers are more comfortable contacting agents:  Buyers may be leery of contracting or intruding upon home owners with whom they are unfamiliar.  Potential buyers might also be intimidated looking through a home if the owner is present and feel uncomfortable making an offer if they know they’ll be negotiating directly with the owner.  They often appreciate the accessibility of a respected Exit Elite Realty real estate professional.

5. To pre-screen prospective buyers:  Cleaning your home each time someone wants to look at it is a lot of work.  To save you time and unnecessary traffic through your home, the Hawkins Group can pre-screen buyers to ensure they really are motivated to buy and are financially prepared to do so.  Most importantly, for your safety, all showings will be scheduled through the office showing system.

6. To help guard against misrepresentation and fraud. 

7. To provide buyers with community information.

8. To ensure privacy, confidentiality, and safety for both buyers and sellers.

9. To negotiate for Top Dollar.

10.  Access to the Exit Elite Realty Marketing System.